Boudoir and Vintage Pinup

If you are Bride looking for a sexy gift for her groom, Boudoir is a very special solution.
If you are woman who is ready to find her sexy self again, Boudoir can do that for you.
If you have worked hard to improve yourself. Boudoir makes you feel sexy, empowered and confident.
As an experienced photo artist, you can trust I will show you the most beautiful and sexy images that
have ever been taken of you. You can do a Boudoir session as a gift for that someone special or do it as
a beautiful gift to yourself as a woman.
Careful planning is essential, as a boudoir session is much more intimate from other sessions.
We will meet to plan the location, styling, makeup and wardrobe. You can share exactly what type of
images you want. And I promise to make you comfortable and prepared to enjoy an amazing
rewarding experience.